Ad-hoc access to databases and containers with SSO and audit

Stop handing out static credentials. Replace jump servers, VPNs, AWS IAM, Kubernetes RBAC, and more.





I was spending 90% of my time doing repetitive tasks needed by developers and had no time to work on automations. Using Runops I created 100+ database automations in one week. Adding new resources to Runops takes minutes and now I can focus on more impactful work.

Thiago Mouro
Information Security @ Dock

We used to have an in-house tool to control access to databases. We could never keep up with the features requested by our internal users.

After a few days of using Runops, we stopped spending time on our in-house tool. Our tech team became super happy with higher autonomy and experience Runops enabled with the finer-grained control and UX.

Vinicius Suzano
Engineering Manager for SRE @ RD Station

Protect personal information

Increase autonomy with security

Real-time PII removal
Replace complex database roles for PII columns and ETL processes to derive sensitive columns.
End-users privacy protected
Improve privacy for end-users by limiting access to Personally Identifiable Information
Increase autonomy
Enable more engineers to access live production data structures without risks to security

Reduce cognitive load

Simplify developers experience

Replace VPNs
Target resources in private networks self-hosting our open-source agent.
Simplify authentication
Stop handing out one password per database, requiring a new connection for every database switch.
Zero speed costs
Keep existing accesses to databases without disrupting developers workflows.

Dynamic Authorization

Define rules using context data and APIs.

Command-level authorization programmability enables fast automation of existing workflows.

Replace DevOps service desks

Reviews commands before they run
Stop copying and pasting scripts from Jira or Zendesk into production.
Increase ownership
Give control back to developers and focus on reviewing
Get time back
Spend 10x less time by focusing on reviews instead of also executing scripts

Use cases

Rails Console

Manage console access
Secure, trace, and authorize execution of Ruby scripts to running containers on Kubernetes, ECS, or any server.

Elixir IEx

Manage IEx access
Secure, trace, and authorize execution of Elixir scripts to running containers on Kubernetes, ECS, or any server.
You want to get out of the way, but securing prod is hard
Enable safe and compliant access to production with speed and joy.
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